Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot)

Stanozolol Injection

According to the chemical structure, Stanozolol is a derivative of dihydrotestosterone and differs in the presence of 5 benzene rings. Most steroids have only 4 rings. The uniqueness of the drug also comes from its property of opposition to progesterone.

Stanozolol is available in two versions: tablets and an aqueous suspension for intramuscular administration. In ampoules, the drug is diluted not with oil, but with ordinary water, so you can simply take it orally. However, the best effect is obtained after injections, which is about 50 percent more.

Effects in Bodybuilding and Sports

Stanozolol has become popular in the bodybuilding environment due to some of its features and differences from other types of steroids. The drug does not just increase the mass of muscles, but gives the muscle tissue beautiful definition. In addition, it helps in fat burning and increases the appearance of veins.

The next positive quality of Winstrol depot is an increase in strength and endurance during playing sport. The drug was especially appreciated in athletics and powerlifting. In addition to fat, Stanozolol injections remove excess water from the body, so they are often used by athletes for “drying”.