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Terms and Conditions


ALPHA-PHARMA.BIZ reserves the right to refuse to process, or ship any orders made on our online store if the customer does not confirm that they have accepted and agreed to the terms and conditions of sale outlined below.

Therefore, by placing an order with us, the purchaser confirms that they are aware of, and agree to abide by our company regulations stipulated here.

  1. The minimum age to order our products and make use of our services is 18 years old.
  2. If the purchaser’s country of origin has different import laws than ours, we are not responsible for confirming those laws and import restrictions.
  3. Products are transported at the buyer’s own risk and with the understanding that any legal action brought against the buyer for not complying with the regulations and import laws of the destination country will be held in reserve.

As a result of fluctuating currency exchange rates, prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

The products’ availability is subject to change without notice.

Order cancellations after payments have been processed will not be accepted.

We use carbon photo paper to package products, which X-ray scanners will not be able to see through. Please let us know if you would like your goods disguised as specific objects to improve delivery discretion, e.g. travel souvenirs, video cassettes, toys, etc.


Express airmail: 1-3 business days

Regular airmail: Maximum 5-12 days


Express airmail: 1-3 business days

Regular airmail: 8-17 days


Registered mail only: 8-17 business days

     No express shipping is currently available to these destinations as they increase the chances of products getting confiscated at customs.


Shipping delays caused by holidays or the delivery service provider are not covered by us. If we provide you with a delivery date, it’s just an estimate. There is no liability on our side for any losses or damages incurred by third parties owing to the delay in delivering the products to you unless the delay was caused by our carelessness.

The electronic bill will you will receive after making your purchase will include your order number, itemization and specifications, and the username and password (that you specified at the time of purchase), which will allow you to track the status of your order.

    We have a near-perfect success rate of getting orders cleared through customs: 99.9% to the USA, 99.5% to Canada and Europe, and 97% to South Africa.In our experience, there is only a 1% chance that products will be seized; in which case we will reimburse the entire loss of the order.

  1. Once the goods have been delivered to your stated delivery address, and you have signed for and accepted the order, you will become the owner of the items. From that point on, we will no longer be liable for any loss or damage to the merchandise.
    Delivery of the ordered products will only be made to whichever address was specified at the time of order.
    If the purchaser gives erroneous shipping information, the order may be misdelivered or returned to the sender. As a result of this, we are not accountable for any order losses, financial losses, or otherwise, that may be incurred concerning the misdelivery.Our items can’t be returned as we do not provide a correct return mailing address on the parcel or its labels.
    Customers who are not home when the shipment is supposed to be delivered or who fail to retrieve the box from the post office on time, will not qualify for the order to be reshipped.Shipments are only reshipped if they have been confiscated by customs or damaged upon delivery.
  1. There is a printed expiration date on the outside of every product package. In the rare event that you obtain products that have expired, do not use them and inform us as soon as you can. Aside from your statutory rights regarding quality and suitability for purpose, we make no representations or guarantees of any kind, either expressly or implied, concerning anything we sell, unless otherwise specified.
  1. For the use of any products provided by this website, we disclaim any responsibility. This website (as well as any sites connected to or from this one) does not encourage or endorse the use of anabolic/androgenic steroids or other medications. ALPHA-PHARMA.BIZ, its directors, and assignees are indemnified and held harmless from any losses, known or unknown, anticipated or unforeseen as a result of the use of this content and the purchase of steroids.
  2. We do not advocate, encourage, possess, or attempt to obtain anabolic steroids or other controlled substances, and we cannot be held liable for the activities or behaviors of our visitors or customers.
  3. Because the descriptions and opinions offered on this site are only suggestions, they are not intended to be medical advice. Always see a licensed physician before taking any of these medications because improper and unsupervised use can have harmful and long-term adverse effects on users.
  4. The administration of pharmaceuticals to minors to improve athletic performance is strongly condemned.