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Testosterone Enanthate

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Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone is the main sex hormone in the male body that is responsible for anabolic, androgenic and other physiological processes. The hormone is synthesized mainly in the testes and, to a lesser extent, in the adrenal cortex. Testosterone Enanthate is a synthetic form of natural testosterone. Since testosterone is released into the blood very quickly and is therefore not practical for use in its pure form, developers have combined the active substance with a long ester of Enanthate, due to which the duration of action in the body increases by forty times. Testosterone action is essential for all fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders. The drug is the key to massive muscle mass and overall weight, as it has an equal proportion between anabolic and androgenic effects.

Positive Effects

Testosterone Enanthate is widely recognized in bodybuilding as a safe steroid capable of gaining large amounts of muscle mass and strength in no time. Testosterone has a strong effect on protein synthesis, and when combined with fluid retention, it creates bulky muscles. During the course of Testosterone Enanthate, you can gain up to 10kg of muscle mass. You can also expect an increase in power and physical abilities in general. Testosterone Enanthate promotes the rapid recovery of muscle fibers and an increase in the number of red blood cells, which stimulates the accumulation of oxygen in muscle tissues. There is an increase in libido, overall mood and the athletes general tone during a cycle with Testosterone Enanthate. It is also easily aromatized (converted to estrogen). In small quantities, this transformation is welcome, because in the presence of slightly elevated estrogen levels, testosterone will show its full potency, but in large quantities, this can lead to the adverse effects of estrogenic overload. In this regard, the optimal dose must be observed in order to avoid adverse reactions.