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Post Cycle Therapy

What is the PCT?

Post-course therapy (abbreviated to PCT) is the process of restoring the synthesis of its own gonadotropic pituitary hormones (FSH and LH) and testosterone, blood composition, liver status. Most often only the first two items are produced, and the composition of blood and liver is neglected.

Post-course therapy after steroids is necessary at the end of any course, because even such a weak drug as oxandrolone, in a couple of months, reduces the production of its own testosterone almost twice, the intake of exogenous testosterone “drops to zero” gonadotropic hormones in 4-5 weeks, and short ethers of trenbolones and nandrolone can reduce testosterone almost to zero in a few weeks. Chorionic gonadotropin also very strongly inhibits the production of FSH and LH, after several injections they drop almost to zero.

What is better on PCT after taking a strong steroid. Buy Dianabol, Buy Anavar.

After taking a course of steroids, many athletes are thinking about restoring their body. We all understand that we use strong drugs that affect the performance of our hormonal system. The intake of any anabolic steroid is able to influence the change in the functioning of the athlete’s body. But, some drugs are considered to be softer, while others, as they say, are cut down in full. The whole purpose of the vein! After all, to achieve weighty indicators in the growth of muscle mass and strength on weak anabolic drugs is not realistic. That’s why, most of us resort to taking strong drugs, which are good.

Basic after course products

In this case, the main thing is not to get confused, because the recovery process has no expressive signs and the process violation is unrealistic.

The main preparations for PCT are used:

Dianabol is a strong anabolic steroid with moderately expressed androgenic properties, a derivative of testosterone. Actively used in the United States began in 1960, is now the most popular and most commonly taken steroid in the world. Under his influence, the synthesis of proteins in the body is markedly increased, thereby leading to the acceleration of protein production, a considerable amount of calcium enters the bone tissue. Buy Dianabol.

Anavar is a trademark, firmly entrenched behind the drug with the active ingredient oxadronol. A harmless anabolic agent refers to moderate-effect steroids. Ideal for both men and women.

Anavar was developed to treat:

  • Anemia
  • Turner Syndrome
  • HIV infections

The drug was also used to restore the skin after a burn and to strengthen the bones. Anavar has a low androgenic and high anabolic activity. It is one of the safest oral medications. Has no effect on the liver and is not converted to estrogens. You can buy anavar here.

Clomid is not an anabolic steroid, it is more precisely used in medicine for the treatment of certain diseases. It is used by athletes most widely after the course. The drug has a good effect on the production of its own testosterone and is not a possessor of high toxicity. It should be applied after the course, and the period of the decay of steroids determines the timing of the onset of PCT. Preapart is not an anti-estrogen, therefore it is always used after the course.

Tamoxifen – exactly the same, does not apply to anabolic drugs and is used in medicine to treat certain serious diseases. Athletes are used after the course, but less often than Clomid. This is due to its increased toxicity and weaker influence on the recovery of its own production of testosterone, but the anti-estrogenic effect is clearly present.

Proviron – this is the main problem of many newcomers, because with what it suddenly turns out after the course drug for recovery. This is an obvious mistake, because the use of proviron is advisable in the course itself. The drug serves as an anti-estrogen, lowering the increase in the female hormone in the male body. This process is very necessary when using in the course of various types of testosterone, nandrolone, methandienone. These steroids are capable of causing aromatization and an increase in the androgen level, which leads to pimples and fluid accumulation. Reception Proviron can suppress a lot of negativity in the course and improve the quality of the musculature. Also, this drug increases its own libido (sexual activity), on the course of taking steroids, it can be very helpful.

Clenbuterol – is not an anabolic, but rather a therapeutic drug, but is widely used in bodybuilding. It’s not strange, but it should be in the section of PKT, although many consider it, just a fat burner. The intake of Clenbuterol prevents the catabolism process and well preserves the results obtained after the course. It also has a fat burning effect and is able to significantly increase muscle density.

Tribulus – this drug goes into the section of sports nutrition, but still has its positive share in the entire recovery process. Many athletes recommend using Tribulus for additional help in restoring their own testosterone, after all, this is his main task. He will never be superfluous and will not hurt the overall process of PCT, buy Trenbolone.

Gonadotropin – often attracting the attention of many athletes, and especially beginners, who want to recover more than get the result from the course. The drug is used to make the testicles produce a tighter share of their testosterone. But, it fully works during the period of action of steroids, so the correct use determines the main effect. It is worth noting that Gonadotropin is used by athletes by amateurs very rarely, most cope with the above tablets.