Steroid Cycles

There is no doubt that steroids are the most steroid cycles effective means if their reception is made intelligently and logically. This suggests that the athlete follows certain rules. It is important to divide the reception of steroids into cycles. Most understand under the steroid cycle a 10 to 12 week application of a single drug or one single combination of 2 to 3 steroids with a single same long pause. This type of reception in relation to large and long-lasting results makes little sense, because during a long pause, a significant part of the densities and bent strength and muscle mass evaporate.

The reason that athletes choose this particular scheme of reception is that various circles of society say that steroids only last for several weeks and that they are taken more often than twice a year, increases the danger of organic damage. With regard to a limited period of exposure, it should be said that if this were indeed so, today’s big bodybuilding would still be at the level of thirty years ago. As for the second statement, ie. the danger of organic damage, let me tell you that with such a warning, there would not be any more professionals from bodybuilding, because they would have died out long ago. In additionit has already become a fact that the non-stop use of steroids by ambitious steroid cycles athletes is a habit and gives good results, which is easy to understand by looking at photos in various bodybuilding magazines. And if an athlete, for example, 24 years old is already an international master of sports and has a good muscular physique, it is clear that he already has a long, almost uninterrupted experience in taking steroids.

Under the meaningful cyclic use of anabolic / androgenic steroids, numerous successive drug regimens are considered, taking into account the particularities of taking each individual steroid and the goal of each individual athlete, as well as the quality of the steroid taken. It should start with relatively low doses and increase them slowly and gradually in order to maintain positive s nynitrogen balance in the muscle cell. Because oral steroids show their effect for several days, but at the same time they cause a fairly rapid saturation of the receptors, their administration is limited to 6 to 8 weeks, and then ends their use or switch to another (oral) steroid. It turned out that a combination of 2 to 3 steroids in moderate doses is not only much more effective, but also guarantees a longer period of exposure, as if only one steroid is taken in high dosages.

Thanks to correctly selected combinations, a synergistic effect is achieved if the athlete is able to select steroids that exert a different influence on strength, general musculature, body tissues and rest. A combination that meets these requirements would be, for example, combining deca-durbolin as an anabolic- acting basic steroid for dd , sustanone as a rest stimulator and the entire musculature and oxandrolone to raise bodily strength. Stimulation of different types of receptors for a limited period of time steroid cycles will give better results. The synthesizing effect of drugs may persist for more than a few months if the steroid combination changes completely within a period of not more than 8 weeks if the athlete combines stronger, mainly androgenic cycles with weaker , predominantly anabolic ones, and if the doses are constantly differentiated.

Slow and systematic reduction of the dose at the end of the cycle helps to normalize the body’s functions and prepare it for a pause in the use of drugs. The programs of the reception given in the book are examples of how athletes use steroids, considering all these factors. But the reader should not perceive these data not as advice, nor as suggestions, and by no means as a guide to the use of anabolic androgenic steroids.

These programs are just some of the examples that athletes use. Due to the huge number of steroid preparations, there are numerous reception schemes. There are also huge differences with respect to the doses given. Only one will smile sadly at the sight of these doses, the other will never dare at such relatively high doses. Some do not have enough money to spend something like that. For many, these examples will immediately become impossible because combat core jim smith of the inaccessibility of the drugs. In one, immunity, intolerance to injections or health features that do not allow them to be used, or a gynecological predisposition ( for exampleat women) does not allow to accept this or that preparation. But what an athlete should not do is to take one example and, without steroid cycles critically examining himself, use it without regard for one’s health, and if such someone already used, this does not mean that it will suit you. Try to learn something from this book in order to properly translate what you read into yourself.

The use of anabolic / androgenic steroids – this is especially the case and attempts to promote success through trial and error. Some find suitable drugs, combinations and doses for themselves quite quickly, and then they are constantly adhered to, while others find themselves (often disappointed) in the search steroid cycles for the magic formula of steroids.