Kai Greene Grapefruit [Scandalous Video]: “How testosterone cypionate helped me”

Kai Greene is an example of how to strive to achieve a goal without straining. He enjoys life – when winning “Arnold Classics” and when fucking a grapefruit.

Creating the muscles of the body is only half of the battle. It is important to be able to sell yourself to the viewer. Kai Greene has succeeded at this.

“I am more than a bodybuilder. I’m more than a name. I am more than an artist. I am more than a masterpiece. I’m Kai Greene.” The official website of this muscular man says. “Thanks to testosterone Cypionate, I am one of the greatest bodybuilders now. And I am not going to stop”. 

Greene is fond of arts. In fact, he often paints portraits of himself to ensure that he maintains his perfect physique. He had his art exhibit in August of 2011 where he reiterated that his arts and physique are his mediums to express his artistic and personal accomplishments. 

You cannot dismiss the thought of steroids usage among bodybuilders – a topic that never ceases when it comes to this sport. One of the popular of these steroids is Testosterone Cypionate.

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the most popular anabolic steroids. It is a “long” form of testosterone (half-life 15-16 days). Athletes inject Cypionate it to gain incredible muscle mass. It helps to achieve good results within 12 weeks, both in solo Testosterone Cypionate cycles, and in combination with other steroids. Strength and muscle power grow significantly during a Testosterone cycle. It is worth noting that this drug stimulates the production of red blood cells, which has a positive effect on muscle oxygen saturation and increased endurance. And Kai Greene knows all of this pretty well. Being a legend in the bodybuilding world, Kai believes that a champion is a sum total of hard work, sacrifices and decades of training in the gym.

He was born in Brooklyn in 1975. His parents did not give a damn about him, and from the age of 6 he was taken over by the care of the state. Simply put, Kai was sent to an orphanage, where people come out either as criminals or as geniuses. Kai Greene chose the second.

He wanted to be an artist from childhood. Kai daily worked on himself: he swayed and gained weight. “I was always focused on the result. At school, I sometimes missed classes and ate and slept all day.”

In his biography, one of his seventh grade teachers saw his great physical growth and development and eventually introduced him to bodybuilding competitions for teenagers. During his studies in high school, Kai Greene took part in the youthful show of bodybuilders and took first place. The first time becoming the second, he paused in his career – to return with such a mountain of muscles that no one had ever seen.  

The key place in the life of Greene was the 5th Avenue Gym in New York. According to the bodybuilder, it was there that he met people who motivated him to work further, where he saw those whom he wanted to grow up to become.

At the age of 18, when peers chose suits at the prom, Kai weighed 118 kg, lifted 227 kg and squatted 360 times. His diet consisted of 200 eggs a day. Plus, eating 30 chicken breasts is robust, right?

Greene was the first in almost all tournaments in which he participated, but did not stop there. The spectators were amazed not so much by his body but by how much ability he had to show it off. He reins the stage showing dance-like poses and seamless routines that led him to becoming the audience’s favorite. One pose smoothly passed into another, and that one led even more imperceptibly into the third – the performance was fascinating. Separate attention should be paid to the demonstration programs of Kai Greene, on which he does a break dance, jumps on the pectoral muscles and stands on his head. “My mission is to popularize bodybuilding. It’s a shame when pumped up guys go on stage and cannot show anything. I believe that we should strongly welcome those who are trying to bring something new into the speeches.” Even if he is no longer competing, it is undeniable that the bodybuilding community and Mr. Olympia still talk about him and listen to his words. 

In addition to the defined muscles, Greene is famous for his brightly prominent pigtail.  There is a myth that Kai shaved his head to look like Goro, a four-handed killer from Mortal Combat. However, some thought him to be a reincarnation of Samson – a biblical character with massive strength and long hair. For some avid fans of bodybuilding, his hair could be his weakness during the Mr. Olympia finals.

Behind the scenes, the bodybuilder does not stand out from the crowd: he does not like vanity, he lives in a rented apartment his Instagram is not filled with busty girls in bathing suits and expensive wheelbarrows – there are mostly photos of performances and video from training. On the street, he appears wrapped in a jacket, although it is not easy to hide 140kg with a height of 172cm. The nickname – Predator – corresponds only to his appearance, but not to the character – people who communicated with the man spoke of him as a constantly smiling and the kindest person. Just what he always says. 

Kai won “Keystone Pro”, “New York Pro”, “Colorado Pro”, “Grand Prix of Australia”, twice championed the “Arnold Classic” (competition organized by Schwarzenegger). But really the first Kai Greene did not. The most prestigious among the bodybuilders’ competition – “Mr. Olympia” – he never succumbed. Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath – a victory has always been given to one of them, but not Kayu. At the same time, Green is much more popular than all those who bypassed him on “Mr. Olympia”.

For example, thanks to this video, on which Green has sex with a watermelon. Or here Kai traded a watermelon for grapefruit. The guy with the pigtail does not hesitate to experiment online, you can find videos in which he dances in front of the public with a base member, and for the gay site Musclehunks.com, he took part in a candid photo shoot. Kai Greene is not new to this since he took a role in a comedy film College Debts in 2015 where played the role of a male stripper.

In 2013, Kai Greene, together with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mickey Rourke, starred in the movie “The Iron Generation”, which shows how bodybuilders prepare for Mr. Olympia. Kai continues to go to the top, daily squats with a barbell and presses from the chest, and travels around the world with training. In March 2015, he was in Moscow – met with Andrei Malakhov, held an open training session and held a seminar for fans. Subsequently, Kai has launched The 5P – his very own training program that emphasizes his belief: “Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance”.

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