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Stanover vial. (Vermodje)


Stanover vial. (Vermodje)


Manufacturer: Vermodje Category: Injectable Substance: Stanozolol injection (Winstrol depot) Package: 10ml vial (50mg/ml)

Stanover is an injectable version of the quite common and popular drug Stanozolol (Winstrol). The producer of the anabolic drug is the well-known manufacturer Vermodje, whose products on the modern market are in demand and very popular. It should be noted that this drug is effective and assists to build muscle mass and improve strength performance.

Initially, the drug was used in veterinary medicine, however, Winstrol has undergone certain changes over time and found its use in sports. Other than being used for sports purposes, the drug is used for therapy in cases of edema, anemia or for normalization of the blood composition.

The product is used by numerous bodybuilders as it helps to increase the volume of muscle mass. The active ingredient Stanozolol is found in many different preparations and is produced in a wide range of industries, but the amount of the ingredient in each can vary, which ultimately affects how well the drug works when taken.

It is extremely popular in the field of sports and is used in an injectable form. It is important to note that when used in conjunction with other steroid drugs,

Winstrol reduces the level of globulin by roughly two times while improving absorption. The product is most frequently used by athletes as they dry off, and it definitely works to get rid of extra water in the body.

Effects of Winstrol

Winstrol has a mild anabolic effect, which explains why it can alter the body as a whole in a variety of ways. The main advantages of its use include:

  • Increasing the volume of muscle mass.
  • Removing of excess water in the body.
  • Removing of subcutaneous fat.
  • Generating good defined muscles.
  • Elasticity of muscle fibers.
  • Speedy recovery process.
  • Enhanced strength and performance.
  • Enhanced overall endurance.

Side effects of the drug

The primary advantage is the absence of estrogenic effects. Although, if the recommended dosage is increased, you may encounter negative effects, and most often this shows itself as follows:

  • Ligaments and joints do not have enough fluid to function properly, which increases the risk of injury.
  • Lower testosterone production in the body.
  • Baldness and hair loss.
  • Body and facial acne.
  • Cardiovascular system anomalies.

And it’s essential to remember that, if negative effects occur, it may be worth seeking rehabilitation in order to get the body back to normal after the cycle has ended.

Using Winstrol

The ideal dosage for a bodybuilder is 50mg per day, however the athlete’s objectives, level of training, and tolerance to the composition’s components should also be taken into consideration.

In some cases it is advisable to increase the dose to 100mg, but use it once every 2 days. The dose will simply not be sufficient otherwise, and if it is exceeded, there may be side effects from its use. This is the best option for the athlete.

Winstrol is rarely used alone. This is because it is compatible with a number of other anabolic drugs and active ingredients. When combined with other drugs, the results increase by a large extent. The task at hand that is established by the athlete plays a crucial role. On the basis of this, additional drugs are chosen.

It is preferable to utilize strong androgenic steroid drugs, such as Testosterone and Anadrol, in order to increase the volume of muscle mass. Winstrol allows for a measured cycle and performs a more estrogenic effect of steroid compounds. However, if the main goal is to lose excess weight, the optimal combination would be to use it with Testosterone Propionate and Trenbolone, as it is immune to aromatization.


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