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Cut Mix 150 (Dragon Pharma)


Cut Mix 150 (Dragon Pharma)

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Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Injectable
Substance: Sustanon 250 (Testosterone mix)
Package: 10 ampoules (150mg/ml)

Dragon Pharma Cut Mix 150 was used to treat inadequate production of internal testosterone. Over time, the drug, as well as its counterparts, consisting of 4 or 5 esters, will be appreciated and widely used by sports. A mixture of testosterone esters is known for its powerful effects. Bodybuilding and athlete’s representatives generally speak of a very strong substance that can cause muscle growth and physical strength in the shortest time. Due to the high level of anabolic activity and pronounced androgenic properties, such drugs may be recommended for use only in males.

Effects of Cut Mix 150

The main risk of taking the drug is the appearance and evidence of virilization symptoms. These include increased hair growth of the face and body, a reduction of the timbre of the voice and its sharp decline and also changes in the body. For this reason, taking the medicine is highly undesirable for female athletes. Negative consequences for the body occur in the case of untreated oral medications. If the mixture of esters is taken according to all rules, Dragon Pharma Cut Mix 150 produces these positive results:

  • Faster rate of muscle mass growth;
  • Burns fat deposits extensively;
  • Increase in strength and power indicators;
  • Strengthens the body’s immune system;
  • Promotes rapid oxygen-to-migration, resulting in increased endurance and better performance;
  • Has anti-harmful effects (slows down the protein degradation process);
  • Increased appetite for the user;
  • Increases sexual activity and libido levels (when taken).

In addition to the positive effects of taking a testosterone mix, it may cause a variety of side effects. Over time, athletes have reduced production levels of their own testosterone. In this regard, inflammation, female fat build-ups may occur, enlargement of the breast tissue (gynaecomastia). Also, such diseases such as acne, excessive skin fat, head hair loss and balding may occur after the inappropriate use of Dragon Pharma Cut Mix 150. There can be changes in mood and behaviour also, especially increased irritability and aggression. To reduce the risk of these adverse effects of testosterone in the period after its use, it is recommended to use anti-estrogen drugs and medicines that increase the production of the user’s own natural testosterone. At this level you can see the descriptions of form professional athletes, as well as read the reviews of those individuals who are already experienced in using such drugs. Here you will find information on the properties and effects on the body of steroidspeptidesanti-estrogens and other drugs that athletes use.

How to take Dragon Pharma Cut Mix 150?

Cut Mix 150 is a drug that is mainly used in the sports world. But do not forget that Sustanon’s first application was only in the medical sector. The drug has been developed as hormonal therapy. In sports you can discuss the importance of Sustanon with regard to male athletes. In this case, we can say that Cut Mix 150 fully fulfils its mission, as it increases strength and builds muscle mass effectively and efficiently. The drug is not recommended for women athletes due to high risk of the male characteristics (the development of hirsutism, appearance of a deep voice, change in body shape to the male type). Calculation of the right dose of testosterone mixtures plays an important role.

Depending on the application, it may vary from 150 to 300mg per week. Due to the prolonged use of such drugs, there is no need for frequent injections. In particular, one dose is sufficient for Cut Mix 150 in 3 weeks, but to get the optimal peak blood concentration levels of this substance, many athletes inject this twice weekly. This is why the frequency of injection is also important. It can be difficult because it is very difficult to immediately determine the optimal frequency of the administrations. This requires a certain amount of time and experience for athletes to choose what best works for them. You may be able to use soloprotone or testosterone, but to achieve the best results, you can mix this substance with other anabolic and androgenic drugs. The choice also depends on many factors. It is necessary to take into account the previous experience levels of consuming these drugs, the desired goals of the athlete and also their financial situations. A powerful combination is the combination of Cut Mix 150 and Dianabol, but such a combination is undesirable for beginners athletes due to the intensity or the course.

5 reviews for Cut Mix 150 (Dragon Pharma)

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    Arm James

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    Brendan Coleman

    I have tried various oils in the past, but this is the most potent yet. I haven’t experienced a test product this strong in my 40 years of weightlifting. I’m gobsmacked. Great work alpha-pharma biz!.

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    Ricky Bryant

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