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Testorapid (vial) (Alpha Pharma)


Testorapid (vial) (Alpha Pharma)


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Category: Injectable Substance: Testosterone propionate Package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

Testorapid is a time-tested steroid, the founder of most anabolic steroid derivatives, produced by the pharmaceutical company Alpha Pharma. The active ingredient of this steroid, Testosterone Propionate, is actively used in medicine and sports power disciplines. It is considered one of the most sought-after substances in bodybuilding. The Alpha Pharma laboratories steroid is revered for its effectiveness in building high quality muscle mass, burning fat, developing endurance, and stimulating libido. The drug is actively used during drying periods.

What is Testosterone Propionate?

Testosterone is a male sex hormone with an androgenic base. Testosterone Propionate is an already modified form of endogenous testosterone, with the addition of propionic acid on an ester basis. It is the ester that corrects and improves the properties of the active substance. Also, this ester plays an important role in the duration of the drug’s action in the body, since in its pure form, testosterone cannot be active in the blood for a long time.


Testosterone Propionate effects

Being a strong anabolic and powerful androgenic steroid, Alpha Pharma Test Propionate is able to aromatize and convert to estrogen. It has the ability to regulate the function of the pituitary gland and greatly accelerate protein synthesis. These properties give the steroid the ability to use it in steroid drying cycles. With Alpha Pharma Test Prop, your muscles will not grow quickly, the process of building muscle mass is slow but sure and high quality. Testosterone Propionate has a pronounced anti-catabolic effect, promotes rapid recovery of muscle tissue, and the ability to stimulate the production of growth hormone gives a good fat burning effect when building lean muscle mass.

Test Propionate dosages and cycles

Alpha Pharma Test Propionate is characterized by a short release time, and therefore frequent injections are needed to maintain a sufficient testosterone concentration in the body. Typically, for men, the dosage of Testosterone Propionate is 50-100mg, every other day or even every day. If we are talking about a solo Testosterone Propionate cycle, then it should be noted that this cycle is not very effective and is more suitable for beginners.

Testosterone Propionate stack cycles

For the best effect, depending on your goals and body, it is recommended to use Test Prop by Alpha Pharma in combination with other anabolic steroids. In drying cycles, it combines well with StanozololTrenbolone AcetateMasteron and Primobolan.

Side effects of Test Prop

Due to the frequent injections, the injection sites can cause some inconvenience, such as pain, irritation and redness. Therefore, each time you should inject in different places.

The steroid is capable of aromatizing, the risk of conversion to estrogens and dihydrotestosterone at high dosages is very high, and therefore the athlete may face such side reactions as: gynecomastia, hair loss on the head, hirsutism (increased hair growth throughout the body), acne, increase prostate (in particular in those over 50) and women may experience masculinization.

Reviews of buying Testosterone Propionate online

According to any Alpha Pharma Testorapid review, if you decide to buy Testorapid in order to gain quality muscle, then this steroid is exactly what you need. By using Alpha Pharma Test Prop in a cycle, you can expect to gain up to 10-13lbs in weight in 4-5 weeks.

5 reviews for Testorapid (vial) (Alpha Pharma)

  1. Tommy Sharp

    I ordered a couple vials of this alpha test prop in my last order and checked out all the codes on the alpha pharma website. Everything came back as legit and the oil looked good quality so went ahead and ran it with mast p – overall my cycle went great so I’m back here ordering more stuff to try out 🙂

  2. Elbert Hardy

    Testorapid is the peerrrfect base to any drying or cutting cycle. The results I got from my last cycle with tren a and mast was insssaaaannnee. Literally love

  3. Emmett Cox

    AP test prop is the only test I’ll use for cutting from now on! The oil is smooth af and the dosing is on point as it always is with alpha. Never have to worry about looking anywhere else cause these guys have it all!

  4. Donnie Schmidt

    Ran this with winny and var recently and its been one of my favorit cycles yet to be honest with yall so Ill be back for more for sure. I don’t kno why but Im always surprised at the quality of the gear from alpha pharma. I think I just keep expecting to get ripped off but it never happens. My cycles just seem to keep getting better an better then more I order.

  5. Eric Mendez

    Great brand of test p if you’re looking for decent quality for a reasonable price. This hole site is GTG if you ask me.. Alpha pharma hasn’t let me down once!

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