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Oxa-Max (Maxtreme)


Oxa-Max (Maxtreme)

(4 customer reviews)
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Manufacturer: Maxtreme Category: Oral Substance: Oxandrolone (Anavar) Package: 10mg (100 pills)

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4 reviews for Oxa-Max (Maxtreme)

  1. Sam Hanson

    I steer towards orals as much as i can cause injecting is just not for me, now dont get me wrong i still have to but as little as possible! Oxa-max is my go to now for cycles, ive used them couple times and i can honestky say my resukts are great!! i tend to only run 6-8 weeks cycles and use a liver health suop due ti liver risks involved with orals. Also anavar is a fairly weak anabolic compared to most so again less risk of side effects. It really helps me maintain my shape and muscle that ive worked so hard for haha.

  2. Al Bates

    I have started to run anavar at the end of my cycle to sort of like kick start a little cut and shed any water out I may be holidng onto, its amazing as im still building lean muscle weekly and my physique looks solid and hard from the Oxa Max by maxtreme kicking in, I will cycle for 6 weeks in total alongside test, but this is a great all rounder oral for building muscle, gaining strength and getting any excess retained water out!!shipping was quick and price very competative.

  3. Ralph Mcdaniel

    I wanted to start using anavar so i fully researched the hell out of it then decided to get this oxa-max by maxtreme. Its crazy good i tell ya, i felt i had loads of energy, im still gaining muscle but at a slower rate if you compre it to anadrol/dbol/test etc. im still running it now as im only 6 weeks in, but i dont feel like im holding water etc also so i look and feel amazing!! If your looking to take PED’s but start slowly then anavar is best in my opinion.

  4. Traci Vega

    Anavar for me is my go to steroid, I purely workout for me cause it helps me so much mentally for confidence, there is very low risk for low doses aswell which is why I like it as for long term its perfect providing you cycle it correctly, as I have been for some time now. You can increase dose for alittle quicker results but sides may be higher risk. First time using these Oxa-Max from Maxtreme but I am impressed I must say and will continue to use going forward.

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