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Vilafinil (Centurion)


Vilafinil (Centurion)


Manufacturer: Centurion Category: Oral Substance: Modafinil Package: 200mg (10 pills)

Modafinil – a new drug, psychostimulant, nonotropic. It allows you to successfully treat drug loss while improving the mental abilities of those who used it. Modafinil allows you to work for a long time (up to 24 hours) without reducing attention and sleepiness. This medicine works very well in critical bench the brain’s center, so you can not feel tired, to keep your calculation and concentration. Alertec does not have as many side effects of drugs from the same group as addiction, irritation and overdose.


Modafinil – the most recent emergency medicine, which can be used in almost everyone except those suffering from mental illness. Modafinil can be used in various systems depending on the effect you expect.

  • 1) With prolonged fatigue, to relieve mental tension or: It is recommended to take 100 mg or 1 tablet of the medicine.
  • 2) If necessary, be vigilant during the day: It is recommended to take 1 tablet 100 mg 3 times a day (1 tablet every 8 hours).
  • 3) If necessary, the dose of modafinil may be increased to 200 mg in single doses.

Although the safety of the drug is confirmed, it may in some cases be the cause of the development of serious complications such as anaphylaxis and death. With extreme caution, it should be used for cardiovascular disease.

Side effects

Modafinil can not be called an absolutely safe drug; it is not suitable for everyone, and this is important to take into account. If you are sick, take antidepressants, hormonal drugs or antibiotics, it is recommended to refrain from using Modafinil for the duration of therapy. The likelihood of negative effects increases in people with unstable psyche, exhaustion of the nervous system, abusing alcohol, nicotine and energy drinks. The side effects were rare and occurred with headache and nausea. It was found that one application for the drug had no adverse effects.

Modafinil Reviews

Comments on the medicine Modafinil most beneficial. The efficacy of the drug has been tested on people in the workplace should be the most attention and do not fall asleep at the workplace. Pilots and soldiers were among them. By testing the effect, Modafinil is a safe substance that does not affect the nervous system of people. The group that the researchers did in the study found that when you take this medicine there are no side effects, such as somnolence after discontinuation of treatment and drugs. In addition, his memory diminished, he mentioned what they could not remember before taking the medicine.


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