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Naposim 5 (Vermodje)


Naposim 5 (Vermodje)


Manufacturer: Vermodje Category: Oral Substance: Methandienone oral (Dianabol) Package: 5mg (100 pills)

Naposim is a titan of the modern steroid market. The name refers to the well-known Methandienone (Dianabol). A course of Dianabol is a traditional introduction to pharmacology. The drug is actively used in many sports, particularly in amateur bodybuilding. Dianabol has a long list of positive effects, including the rapid gain of muscle mass.

Properties and effects

The results of taking this drug satisfies all athletes. An adequate dose ensures the athlete begins to gain muscle mass and strength quite quickly, which fundamentally changes the approach to training and the mood altogether.

The most beneficial effects of “Methane” include; rapid muscle gain, fluid retention, increased power and endurance, accelerated protein synthesis, faster recovery, prevention of joint injuries due to fluid flow and only a moderate rebound effect after completion of the course. This is why Dianabol by Vermodje is extremely popular. Along with the positive reviews, Naposim sells at a very affordable price.

Cycles and dosages

A solo course of Dianabol involves up to 50mg per day. We advise you to divide the total amount into 2-3 equal doses and take it every 5-6 hours at the same time daily.

In a combined course take no more than 40mg per day or you may encounter side effects. In general, the amount of Methane depends on the components of the course and can range from 10 to 40mg.

The instructions for the use of Dianabol states that it is best to wash down the pills with water and take them on an empty stomach as this does not cause heartburn or digestive problems.

The duration of a Dianabol solo course is 6-8 weeks. When combining steroids, build the course around the main component which, as a rule, is Testosterone. In some cases, Vermodje Methane is used either at the end or at the beginning of courses.

The vast majority of Dianabol buyers wonder about its correct use for beginners. We would advise you to start with 10-20mg per day and only then gradually increase the dosage in case of slow progress. Keep in mind, you can still make good progress even with just 20mg, provided you follow the optimal training regime and train regularly.

Methane combines well with Testosterone esters, Nandrolone, Turinabol, and even Primobolan. It is better to use injectable forms to protect the liver from unnecessary stress resulting from taking the drug.

Side effects

Methane is a fairly safe steroid but only within adequate dosages. Dianabol solo or in a “combo” of drugs at 80-100mg per day will cause gynecomastia, excessive fluid, a drop in libido and several other unpleasant side effects. Thus the use of the drug must be controlled. Use the above instructions. There are no other side effects after Dianabol within the normal dosages. This is why it is often recommended even for beginners. Safety is the key factor for them due to inexperience.


Post-course therapy begins 2-3 weeks after the final dose of the pills. The PCT duration is on average 2-3 weeks and you should buy Anastrozole and Clomid for this, or the latter can be replaced by Tamoxifen. If your testicles shrink, then you should use injectable Gonadotropin.

The kickback effect in Methane is noticeable, however, it is predominantly water. Its utilization allows you to normalize your well-being along with your blood pressure. Besides, after the Dianabol course and appropriate post-course therapy, muscles obtain definition due to the drainage of water and you keep a good deal of the muscles that were gained.


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