Andriol Testocaps (Sun Pharmaceuticals)


Andriol Testocaps (Sun Pharmaceuticals)


Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals Category: Oral Substance: Testosterone undecanoate Package: 40mg (60 pills)

Andriol Testocaps are one of the few new steroids that has appeared in recent years. Unlike most anabolic steroids, which entered the market as early as the 1950s and 1960s (and partially already disappeared), Andriol has existed only since the early 80s. This circumstance is probably an explanation of why Andriol takes a special place among steroids. This is a revolutionary steroid as, along with “methyltestosterone”, it is the only oral drug testosterone.

The Effects of Andriol Testocaps

It depends on how they are used and other components, often in combination with various forms of testosterone to accelerate the benefits.

Testosterone is testosterone, no matter what form it takes. Studies have confirmed the effectiveness of Andriol for its ability to:

  • Promote bone strength
  • To promote the development of lean muscle mass
  • Increasing the production of red blood cells (erythropoiesis)
  • Increase in stamina and endurance

As already mentioned, testosterone comes in different forms. Bodybuilders prefer injections of anabolic androgenic steroids over oral form, because it provides faster and often more powerful advantages.

When to take Andriol Testocaps

To facilitate absorption, Andriol for sale is recommended to be taken with food. The use of Andriol Testocaps is often divided into two separate doses; One in the morning and one in the evening (with meals).

During the absorption process, a portion of Testosterone Undecanoate is converted to dihydrotestosterone. This occurs before it is absorbed into the blood plasma. This process allows the absorption of dihydrotestosterone and testosterone androgens for use by the body.

Precautions for Use

Andriol Testocaps can interfere with a number of body system functions, including the endocrine system, metabolism, digestive and musculoskeletal system.

Individuals who have been diagnosed with any type of cancer or kidney problems should avoid using Andriol unless approved by a doctor. The same applies to individuals diagnosed with any form of diabetes mellitus. The potential of Andriol and other anabolic androgenic steroids can also worsen headaches, so people with a history of migraines should be cautious.

Last but not least, individual treatment or any psychological problems should avoid anabolic androgenic steroids like Andriol because of their potential for behavioral changes.

Reviews about Andriol for Sale

If you look at reviews about Andriol in bodybuilding, you can see that it is used mainly by those who are just starting to use steroid drugs. There is a popular belief that it is safer than injectable drugs. But, by the way, it is disproven by experts in this topic, and they constantly indicate that a dose of 240mg of Andriol daily is high, and cannot pass through the body without side effects.

Usually, Andriol is used during the period of mass gain, judging by the reviews about the use in bodybuilding, a lot of water is retained from it. The rest of the reviews is in the action of the drugs – someone may gain muscle well, others do not see the results at all, others compare it with the classic “cycles”, and a far from in favor of Andriol.


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