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Nandrobolin (Alpha Pharma)


Nandrobolin (Alpha Pharma)

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Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Category: Injectable Substance: Nandrolone decanoate (Deca) Package: 10 ampoules (250mg/ml)

Nandrobolin-250 is an injectable anabolic steroid formula containing Nandrolone Decanoate. The famous Deca can be bought from the company called Alpha Pharma, therefore it is guaranteed to be a high-quality product. The demand for Deca is second only to Dianabol. Deca (slang name of the steroid), is popular for its highly anabolic effect with minimal harm to health. Being basic to most steroid courses, Nandrolone Decanoate is used by bodybuilders in the off-season to build muscle mass, volume and strength.


Deca is a compound between Nandrolone and the ester Decanoate. The connection between them increases the duration of action and the period of acceleration of the steroid. It is worth noting that the price of Deca is much higher than other steroids, such as testosterone and others. This is due to its long-term effect, unique qualities and safety.


Properties, influence and effect of Deca

One of the unique particularities of the drug is its ability to have a strong anabolic effect, while the androgenic activity is 63% lower than testosterone. This is a great advantage of Deca compared to other steroids, since it has very low estrogenic activity and is practically unable to aromatize. Deca belongs to the group of progestins, and therefore has moderate progestogenic qualities, which entail a number of side reactions similar to estrogenic ones.


Deca Durabolin is the primary name of the drug, it’s not one of those anabolic steroids that can take its action in the shortest time. Deca by Alpha Pharma is a time bomb. It is more suitable for long-term weight training courses, due to the fact that it takes a long time to become active. Though, it also works for a long time, muscle mass is gained qualitatively and smoothly. During a Deca cycle, you can gain up to 12kg of weight, while the rollback will be minimal and the gained muscles will remain for a long time.


Dose and injection method

The dosage of Nandrolone is primarily related to the individual’s experience in using AAS. Deca is not suitable for beginners, it is a powerful drug that is intended for advanced athletes. This drug is injected into the muscle tissue (buttock, thigh, delta). The normal dose for men is usually in the range of 200 to 600mg per week. For a more detailed selection of the optimal weekly dose, it is recommended to calculate 2-3mg of the substance per kg of body weight. For women, the dosage should be 50-100mg per week. Due to the long period of absorption into the blood, it is recommended to perform injections once a week and the whole cycle should not exceed 10 weeks.


Combination of Nandrolone with other AAS

Due to the popular use of Nandrolone in courses, there are reviews about Deca in which athletes describe their personal practice. Based on this, we can answer the question “what is the best way to combine Deca?” confidently.


Generally speaking, Nandrolone is quite versatile and can be successfully used with many oral and injectable steroids. The choice of drugs depends on the goals set by you. The most suitable and basic course is Nandrolone Decanoate + Dianabol in the beginning period for bodybuilders.


It is recommended to use Deca together with Testosterone Propionate. A combination with testosterone will maintain the normal physiological functions of testosterone if the synthesis of natural testosterone is stopped or significantly reduced. After the course of Nandrolone, you need a PCT.


Side effects

Progestogens are known to increase the prolactin level in the body. In men, an abnormally high level of prolactin often leads to undesirable effects, such as gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, anorgasmia (inability to achieve orgasm) and suppression of the production of endogenous testosterone.


Side effects are caused by the growth of prolactin and can be controlled by prolactin antagonists. But if you control the levels of estrogen, prolactin will also be under control. This means that anti-estrogens, such as Tamoxifen or Anastrozole, can be used by experienced steroid users. Beginners are advised to simply use prolactin antagonists.

5 reviews for Nandrobolin (Alpha Pharma)

  1. Della Townsend

    I’ve been using 500 mg of Nandrobolin along with 750 Tests E for 24 weeks and I immediately saw increase in strength and my body looks fuller. I was able to spend more time at the gym because of Nandrobolin. After dropping Nandrobolin, got shoulder and back acne, no hair issues and libido issues. Would 100% use this again!

  2. Enrique Graham

    If Nandrobolin is not that toxic, I will probably run it again. But I saw studies that it damages blood vessels and may affect neurological processes so I just waited until I finished my cycle and dropped it. Nandrobolin is a good product overall, it helped me gain muscle mass and compared to other roids, this is the best bulking product.

  3. Bradley Adams

    Nandrobolin from Alpha Pharma is a product that will make your body grow to the extent that you will not recognize your past body. My sex drive was off the roof and I overall liked this. However, this thickens my blood and it makes me sensitive. Used Nandrobolin along with 600 mg test. Will definitely use this again but will probably be more cautious.

  4. Brandon Gutierrez

    Deca is a great product to use if you want some solid muscle mass added now you won’t see it results instantly, but stack this With a longer estersuch as test e or cyp and you will reap the rewards! Your strength will increase, your add mass and you will feel so good. I ran a 10 week cycle in total at 400mg per week and i gained around 10-12lbs weight!! Canr wait to use this stuff again

  5. Owen Gibbs

    I’ve always been a little concerned with my health so it has made me avoid steroids for a very long time, I read so much about how they are so bad for you blah blah blah… After a lot of research and speaking to users from my gym I realised that if you do it properly, these risks aren’t as high. I got my blood work done before my cycle so I had a reference point yo work with then again during cycle and after my PCT… My blood levels are pretty much the same, this stuff is great quality and I have made so much progress!

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