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Masteron 100 (Dragon Pharma)


Masteron 100 (Dragon Pharma)


Manufacturer: Dragon Pharma
Category: Injectable
Substance: Drostanolone propionate (Masteron)
Package: 10ml vial (100mg/ml)

Masteron 100 is the product name for the injectable form of the hormone Drostanolone Propionate that is produced by Dragon Pharma. Masteron is used by bodybuilders to achieve a beautiful definition of the body without removing excess fluid and a moderate fat-burning effect.

Properties of Masteron

In bodybuilding, Masteron has proven itself as an excellent drug for increasing dry muscle mass. The results are a moderate muscle gain without a significant increase in total weight. Masteron is preferred by athletes preparing for serious competitions, where you need to demonstrate the strength and beauty of the body without leaving the weight category. Other advantages of the drug are its ability to effectively burn fat, increase the density of muscles and the excellent shaping of muscles.

Dosages and Administration

Masteron can be taken individually or in combination with other drugs. If taken alone, the dose is slightly increased. The recommended dose of Masteron for men is 300-500mg every 2-3 days, but no more, since the effect of the active substance of the drug stops after just 3 days. Women are not advised to exceed 25-50mg per day, taken once every 3 days, this is due to the high likelihood of Virilization symptoms.

If the athlete has not yet had the experience with taking Masteron, then it is better to comply with the recommended dose and not increase it. The course of taking Masteron most often does not exceed 6-10 weeks, but it can also increase up to 12 weeks.

When taking Masteron, you cannot take anti-estrogen drugs, since the active substance Drostanolone Propionate does not aromatize. If there is a need to combine Masteron with any drug, Winstrol (Stanozolol) will be an excellent option, which perfectly removes fluid from the body. In this combination of drugs, the recommended dose of Winstrol is initially 50-100mg daily or every other day, the dose of oral Winstrol is increased from 10 to 30mg throughout the week. Masteron can be taken both in the form of tablets and as injections, both of these forms of the drug, by their action on the body, give good performance in combination with synthetic testosterone derivatives. If you need to build high-quality muscles, Masteron can be taken in combination with Boldenone. The only caveat in using a combination of these two drugs is increased appetite. So, if there is a need to maintain an athlete’s weight class, it is best to follow a strict diet.

A good combination is Masteron and Primobolan (Methenolone). In terms of their effect on the body, these drugs have similarities, but if they are taken together, then in a short time you can feel a noticeable result. Since it is recommended to take Primobolan for a long time, the Masteron and Primobolan combination is taken for 12 weeks.

Side effects

Another advantage of the steroid is the absence of estrogenic side effects associated with the aromatization of the hormone. Masteron for men without a prescription causes traditional masculine side effects: baldness due to inhibition of hair follicle growth; acne in people with oily skin and aggressive behavior.

If you want to get more details how to use this steroid Solo or in stack with other steroids please visit our “Masteron Benefits” page


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