Aquaviron (Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, India)


Aquaviron (Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, India)


Manufacturer: Abbott Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, India Category: Injectable Substance: Testosterone suspension Package: 12 ampoules (25mg/ml)

Aquaviron or Testosterone Suspension is an injectable steroid containing un-esterified testosterone in a water base. Testosterone Suspension is a medicine used in the treatment of male hypogonadism caused due to low testosterone levels. It is simply prescribed to the men with known medical conditions. It helps in restoring the level of testosterone in the male body. Among contenders, Testosterone Suspension has a reputation for being an incredibly ground-breaking injectable, which is considered generally important among the testosterones.

Effects of Testosterone Suspension

This steroid has a very speedy action; it has the ability to raise testosterone levels in only 2-3 days. Therefore, Testosterone Suspension is usually used by athletes around the time of a competition in order to increase their aggression (motivation) and boost their confidence to ensure a better performance. It makes daunting tasks a lot easier to achieve. Testosterone Suspension is not used in a mass-gaining cycle but rather cutting cycles in order to gain strength, stamina and to give the muscles a pronounced hardness in a short amount of time.

Regardless of the way that this drug is effective for building muscle mass, its side effects are moreover outstandingly incredible. Testosterone Suspension converts to estrogen quickly, and has a reputation for being the most inconvenient testosterone to use when wanting to avoid water retention. Gynecomastia is a greater risk with this drug, so it normally can’t be used without an anti-estrogen.

Usage of the drug

Testosterone Suspension is injected into the skin or muscles under the medical supervision of a doctor. The dose and how you take it depends upon what you are taking it for. Users will usually inject “suspension” consistently, at a dose of 50-100mg per day for a duration of 2 weeks. It will require an insulin needle as fine as a 27 gauge. This requires the user to inject into smaller muscles, for instance, the delts.

Side effects

The most broadly perceived side effects of this medicine include skin break outs, breast enlargement, coarsening of the voice and injection site reactions (torment, swelling, redness). There may be techniques for decreasing or hindering them. Indications such as quickness of breath, decreased erections, and low sperm count may mean you should stop taking this medicine.


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