Androxine (Alpha Pharma)


Androxine (Alpha Pharma)


Manufacturer: Alpha Pharma Category: Injectable Substance: Trenbolone Package: 10 Ampoules (50mg/ml)

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Androxine (Tren Suspension) by Alpha-Pharma is a dynamic substance that is water-based Trenbolone Suspension. The water base is incredibly smart acting. Therefore, generally speaking, the use of this substance makes a beeline for muscle mass and is the best as long as blood levels are kept stable.

Fundamentally, Androxine (Tren Suspension) is the most amazing steroid being utilized by muscle heads nowadays. Tren Suspension is a steroid that is extremely anabolic. It’s also engineered in a way that is does not aromatize. This, identified with its high steroid properties, makes the muscle made by this drug high quality and defined. Customers of Trenbolone generally report great gains in quality muscle mass, although the fat and water appears to “mellow” off. However, Androxine is far from mellow, with an anabolic rating of 500! Trenbolone is an energetic fat burning tool, and a great deal of weight lifters comment that the body can turn muscle to fat extremely quickly, even when their eating routine isn’t on point.

Cycles with Androxine

Androxine may be utilized in both cutting and building cycles. Those looking to put on muscle mass may incorporate androgenic oral steroids, like Dianabol, into the cycle. The Trenbolone and Winstrol stack continues to be seen as one of the least troublesome cutting/pre-contest combinations that there has ever been. This cycle, used along with a strict diet and cardio, will without a doubt create exceptional results.

Androxine (Tren Suspension) isn’t a drug for youngsters. But for men, the recommended dosage of this substance is 200-600mg reliably for a duration of 6-10 weeks. It is not advised to exceed these dosages and course duration as this may cause the risk of side effects.

Androxine Side Effects

Androxine (Tren Suspension) will deliver all normal steroid side effects. A lot of customers report wild night sweats while misusing this substance. To help fight this negative effect, it is advised that customers try to keep blood levels as consistent as possible.


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