What is Alphabol?

what is alphabol

Alphabol is a product that is an anabolic steroid and is taken orally. It is produced in India by licensed manufacturer Alpha Pharma.

Back in 1956, this tool was called Dianabol, it consisted of Methandrostenolone. In 1960, the tool was used by athletes who were engaged in athletics.

John Ziegler proposed to use it in big sports. The drug retained a leading place in bodybuilding until the end of the 70-ies of the last century.

Since the age of 72, the production of Dianabol has been stopped, but other brands of this steroid have appeared that are produced nowadays. Previously, the drug was produced in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. It was used by athletes of track and weightlifting.

Strict anti-doping rules prohibit the use of Alphabol in big sports today.


The active active ingredient is Methandienone, which has a moderate androgenic effect.

Form Release

Alphabol is available in the form of white round tablets 10 mg. Blister contains 10 tablets, and the full package includes 50 tablets.


When the penetration Alphabol inside of a nucleus become active cellular genetic apparatus. Increases the production of RNA, DNA, structural protein compounds, activated enzyme chains responsible for tissue respiration, enhancing it. Metabolic processes are enhanced in which the energy formed during the oxidation of nutrients is accumulated in the cell mitochondria (oxidative phosphorylation), which leads to the synthesis of ATP, macroergic molecules.

Hematopoietic effect is associated with increased erythropoietin synthesis. A small activity of androgens contributes to the manifestation of secondary male sexual characteristics.

Pharmacodynamics is characterized by rapid and complete absorption in the digestive system. The amount of drug component reaching the place of its action is low. In the blood binding to globulins reaches 90%. The biological transformation of the drug occurs in the liver, inactive metabolites are formed, the excretion of the drug components occurs through the kidneys. The duration of exposure is 14 hours.

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Advantages of Alphabol

Alphabol is popular with bodybuilders and athletes because it has advantages:

  • Fast muscle mass gain when combined with other anabolic steroids. Due to the androgenic, anabolic effect, the athlete will gain from 10 to 15 kg of muscles.
  • Stimulates protein synthesis, since “Dianabol” is extended with the globulin, which bind sex hormone receptors on different cells.
  • Appetite will increase, so the myofibers will quickly increase, the desired muscle relief will form.
  • Will increase force. When taking steroids for 1.5 months, the working weight in the basic exercises will increase by 50 or 90%.
  • Glycogen is quickly restored after a hard workout.
  • The level of cortisol in the blood will decrease. Antimetabolites effect will keep javology from degradation under stress.
  • The process of protein breakdown will stop.
  • Bones will be strengthened, joint pains will be eliminated, as fluid is retained in the joints. In the body, phosphorus, nitrogen, sulfur, sodium is retained, calcium is deposited in the bones.
  • Sports performance will improve.
  • The athlete will increase self-esteem, improve mood, because the dopamine level will increase.

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Benefits and Harms of Alphabol

Benefits: The effectiveness of Alphabol in beginners or experienced athletes is manifested quickly. After 7 days, the athlete will increase vitality, muscles will become more voluminous, power parameters and weight will increase. A person will feel cheerful, he will not be burdened with everyday Affairs, the quality of life will improve.

Harms: If you do not comply with the dosage of Alphabol, the man will be temporarily infertile, his testicles will atrophy, there will be female sexual characteristics. Such manifestations are observed with long-term use of the steroid and a highly inflated single dosage. When using Alphabol, the body “believes” that the volume of steroids is increased, so the synthesis of testosterone is suspended.

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