Boldenone – characteristics

For a set of muscle mass and amateur athletes often take steroids. Boldenone and oxandrolone are safe synthetic injectable drugs, which are widely used in bodybuilding, as well as veterinary medicine to stimulate growth and build muscle tissue. Description, boldenone price, the dosage indicated on the package. For better and lasting results, we recommend taking boldenone course of or in combination with testosterone preparations. 

Boldenone: course description, characteristics

Boldenone structure similar to that of testosterone. It has androgenic effect and stimulates the appetite. To quickly achieve better results at the same time spend on the course of oxandrolone and boldenone, an anabolic drugs than similar groups.

  • Turinabol – steroid for bodybuilders and athletes – in their structure similar to methandrostenolone, is ingested orally; It has a mild anabolic effect and gives a long lasting result.
  • Oksandrolon- effective drug for gaining lean muscle and increasing strength and endurance athletes. It stimulates the production of growth hormone, and is often used in pediatrics.

For maximum effect, experts recommend to buy boldenone in combination with other drugs nearomatoznymi. The high anabolic activity of the complex allows it to form a dry weight with minimal suppression of internal secretion glands. A full course of boldenone and Turinabol helps build muscle physiological way through protein synthesis by increasing the nitrogen balance. The initial dose is 600 mg per week, increasing to 800mg, and then – 1000 mg. As the dose effect is reduced or absent. Scientists have noted that the use of this drug is an increase in red blood cells due to the release eritrotsitov.Oni carry oxygen throughout the body. Thus, the sound of Boldenone positive feedback regarding the endurance athletes. Equipoise (or Bold 200) for sale in USA is listed on this site.

The dosage and possible side effects:

It is worth noting that boldenone and oxandrolone is an anabolic broad-spectrum drugs, stimulate the androgen receptor, non-toxic, virtually flavored, it is recommended to use them during the course of “drying” and set weight. Always follow the recommendations regarding the use of drugs, do not exceed the allowable dose. Injection boldenone is used in women’s bodybuilding in order to minimize side effects. If you are sensitive to estrogen recommended initial dose – 300 mg per week. Over the years, the use of boldenone has not been a single case of obesity and gynecomastia as aromatization he is virtually nonexistent. The positive effect and minimal side effects make this drug popular among professional bodybuilders and amateur athletes. Synonyms: Boldenone, Boldebolin, Equipoise, Boldever, Boldesten, Boldebal, Bald, Boldabol, Boldoged, FarmaBold, Boldos, Boldabolik etc.

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