Biceps – Exercise And Workout Features

Biceps – exercise and workout features

Biceps or biceps shoulder – is a large, well visible muscle on the front of the shoulder. Biceps, according to general opinion, is the epitome of formal human muscle, physique rating and traditionally reduces to estimating the value of the biceps. Many bodybuilders, especially beginners punctuate much of its attention on the biceps. In this regard, it created countless articles, literature, training programs, advice and recommendations devoted to training the biceps. Analyzing the current data, it can be stated with confidence that approximately 80% of all information about the biceps workout false. Biceps has two heads or beam ( “bi – means” two “) long head is located in the front, outer part of the arm, starting from the top of the blade edge, called the glenoid fossa short head extends closer to the inner part of the arm and also starts from the shoulder. Next, but somewhat lower both the head and includes a blend radius tuberosity main function of the biceps – flexing arm at the elbow, thus, practically all consist of the exercise of this movement. Many wonder how such a large diversity among identify what is most suitable for themselves. In fact, the tactic is quite simple: it is necessary to start bodybuilding training with the classics, which are effective for most people. It is a mistake to believe that a classic is outdated program to replace that new sophisticated training came. In fact, the classic approach gives you the highest guarantee of success, yet it is not a complete solution to the problem. If you are trained for a minimum of 2 years and did not get a good result, then the program needs to be changed. In this article, we will try to present the classical canons of training the biceps, as well as give advice on the improvement of the training. I would like to dispel once a very popular myth is often claimed that some bicep exercises develop wide, others form the peak, the top of the third, fourth bottom and so on. In fact, everything is different: the shape of the biceps is determined genetically by 90%, and almost all the exercises involve the biceps fully.Thus, to change the shape of the biceps is almost impossible, that can not be said about its volume.

Features training

Biceps enough to train 1 every 1-2 weeks. Do not do this more often, as the muscles will not have time to recover, and growth is possible only under condition of full recovery. It is a mistake to believe that the hand muscles, the best choice is to isolate. Biceps, like other muscles best swing basic exercises, such as tightening the lower grip, pull the tilt of reverse grip, and lifting on a biceps standing. For athletes with less than 2 years, not optimally use isolation exercises . The optimal number of repetitions for biceps growth 8 – 15, to increase the strength of 6 – 8. Seth should last about 1 minute. Take in one workout about 2-3 sets (the sum of sets of all exercises). Perform one of the training 1 – 2 exercises for biceps. To avoid muscle adaptation, try to change the set of exercises every 2 – 4 training. For beginners this can be done less frequently. One effective stimulating factors – a progressive increase in the load. Gradually add on weight every 1 – 3 training. For maximum biceps study using levitra 20mg how to use techniques supertreninga. Split biceps can be trained with shoulders , forearms, back or chest.

The best exercises for biceps

  • Lifting barbell biceps
  • Lifting dumbbells for biceps
  • Alternating Curls with dumbbells
  • Concentrated curl
  • Curls on the bench Scott
  • Biceps curl with a dumbbell grip “hammer”
  • Bending of one hand with the lower block handle
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