Arm workouts: How to build the biceps quickly?

The biceps have two heads, as the name suggests (bi-). For full development, attention must be paid to both beams of this muscle. This will make your arms look much bigger than if you were training just one head.

The main function of this muscle is to flex the arm at the elbow. Also, the biceps are responsible for supination and if you use this function in your exercises, you can count on good gains in muscle mass.

An important condition for growth, is the use of basic movements in a complex of training. Only multi-joint movements are able to induce the necessary muscle tension, which will lead to subsequent growth. The “base” exercise also stimulates the release of hormones into the blood, which is very important for natural training.

To build the biceps quickly, you need intense training. But the recovery times will be an equally important factor, since muscle growth depends on this. This is why many athletes have had great success is using oral aids within the beginning of their training to enhance their muscle growth.

The most widely used and effective oral training aids for beginners are; Anadrol, Dianabol, Dragon testosterone or Halotestin. The latter two are stronger, while the first two substances are widely used by beginners in order to gain muscle mass in terms of volume and size. Within the use of these substances, a user can gain massive increases in power and strength and also reduce their muscle recovery times dramatically.

It is recommended to train every other day (for example, three times a week). Also, on each new training day, you need to use exercises that are different from the previous training.

Classes should be short, but intense, so as not to cause overtraining, which will be an obstacle to further progress. In this case, less is better than more. But you need to work efficiently, observing the correct exercise technique.

Even with the diligent observance of all the rules, one must not forget about the adjacent muscles, which also need to be worked out. Triceps workout at home, will be a great addition to this complex for biceps.

Bicep training exercises

We will divide the exercises that we will use into two groups:

1st group

“Base” exercises:

  1. Pull-up with a reverse grip on a horizontal bar, for advanced ones with weights attached to a belt or a backpack on the back;
  2. Lifting the barbell with the biceps;
  3. Lifting dumbbells with the biceps (as an option – with supination).

The purpose of this group of exercises is the destruction of muscle fibers for subsequent recovery, super compensation and as a result, growth will occur.

The weight of the projectile should be large, since it is hard strength training that is the key to big arms.

Program training on the horizontal bar and uneven bars is described in detail in our article.

Technique is no less important, since without it, other muscle groups (the back, for example) will be included in the work during the exercise, which will reduce the load on the target muscle. This is especially important when training the biceps with free weights at home, namely with dumbbells and a barbell. However, pull-ups should also be smooth and not jerky.

The pace of execution is slow. The rep range is from 8 to 10, which is optimal for muscle growth.

2nd group

“Pumping” exercises:

  1. Hammer curls;
  2. Single arm dumbbell rows;
  3. Isolated bicep curls.

These exercises are aimed at pumping blood into the muscles after the strength training with “basic” exercises are complete.

Pumping allows you to keep blood in the biceps for some time after work. This is necessary for the following reason; basic exercise releases hormones into the bloodstream that are necessary for growth and pumping keeps the blood in the muscle, thereby saturating it with everything necessary to increase the volume.

The weights used should be small, with which you can do up to 15 reps within 5-7 sets.

Within these isolated exercises, often lean muscle mass and muscle definition are on the top of the athlete’s priority list. Due to this, many use oral aids in order to promote lean gain, fat loss and enhanced recovery times within their workouts. The most widely used include; Anavar, Turinabol, Winstrol, or Superdrol. The first three oral substances are mostly used by beginners due to the latter two being slightly stronger. Within the use of these light training aids, a user can lose their body fat quickly, increase their strength and endurance, shorten their recovery times and benefit from having more energy and motivation. You can find these great training aid substances within our online catalog, with further details on their varied uses and many great benefits for the user.

How to build the biceps quickly at home?

The secret is simple, use one exercise from each group for each workout. Change the basic one from one lesson to another. Pumping exercises should be changed every two workouts, as this will provide a large number of combinations and slow adaptation of the muscles to the loads.

An example:

  • Monday – pull-ups with a narrow grip (base), hammer curls (pumping);
  • Wednesday – barbell curls (base), hammer curls (pumping);
  • Friday – dumbbell rows (base), isolated bicep curls (pumping).

It must be remembered that without a proper warm-up, there is a great risk of injury to the bicep muscles, since they are small.
This complex will be effective within four weeks, after which you need to switch to a new program. For example, this set of exercises.

The frequency of training is individual, but in order to build the biceps at home faster, you should rest for enough time so that the muscles have time to recover. A good indicator if the muscles stop sore 2 days after training. This means that they received sufficient workload and managed to completely bounce back. If there is no pain the next day, you should supplement each workout with one more basic exercise or increase the weight. If training aid supplements are used, this time and recovery period will be much shorter.

With an impeccable technique and correctly selected training aids, the results will be possible after just two weeks.


The diet should contain a sufficient amount of protein, as muscle growth depends on it. Also, do not forget about carbohydrates and fats – these nutrients provide the necessary energy for exercise. For example – weight gain menu.

It is worth mentioning that the body must be fully developed by training all muscle groups. The program described here can serve as a starting point for improving your physique.

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