Excess fat in the lower abdomen: The problematic area

You may weigh within your normal range, but this area below the stomach is stubbornly hard for getting rid of those fatty deposits.

Twisting and other exercises on the abdomen are unlikely to help, since they are designed to form muscles, not to remove fat. To gain a flat stomach, follow our recommendations, which will tell you how to remove the lower abdomen fat quickly and effectively, thanks to the nutrition planned training.

Nutritional recommendations

To achieve a healthy weight, most people need controlled dietary changes.

The main rule is to consume fewer calories than you spend in the course of daily activities. If your weight is normal, working with problem areas, such as in the lower abdomen, will require a lot of effort and strict adherence to proper nutrition.

In this case, you can’t skip workouts, have a cheat day or to overeat at a party.

Stop consuming simple carbohydrates and alcohol, increase the protein component of your diet and also include fiber and healthy fats such as:

  • Whole-grain products, for example, a small portion of brown rice;
  • Low-fat protein dishes, baked or grilled-chicken breast or white fish;
  • Non-starchy vegetables, fresh or steamed;
  • Leafy greens as a salad, seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil.

It is recommended to avoid sugary drinks and fast food. You need to accurately measure portions using kitchen scales to ensure that you do not exceed your daily calorie intake. Divide the meals into 5-6 times a day for the best results.

Tip: Slightly reduce the calorie content to ensure a daily deficit of 250 calories. Too much caloric deficit prevents the growth of muscle mass, which you need to burn fat more efficiently.

When on a calorie deficit diet, the muscles do not have enough “fuel” to keep going to the body uses your hard earned muscle mass as a source of fuel. To prevent this, many athletes use supplements that have anti-catabolic effect (no muscle loss). If you would like to build gain strength and build some lean muscle while you are cutting down, the best oral substances for this are; Superdrol, Cypionate  or Primo. Also, if you do not want to gain strength and lean muscle increases, Clenbuterol can be used as an anti-catabolic substance alongside your training to protect your muscle mass while on a calorie deficit diet.


To lose total fat mass, regular cardio training with moderate intensity and a duration of about 150 minutes per week is required.

If the state of health and general physical fitness allows, sports doctors recommend increasing this time to 250 minutes per week, divided into 5-6 days. This will help to get rid of a significant fat layer, provided that a low-calorie diet is observed.

To burn fat even more, do 2 or 3 of these high-intensity cardio workouts. After a preliminary warm-up, alternate short periods of active work with intervals of slow movement.

Studies have shown that high-intensity interval training burns fat most effectively.

Strength training is also important to improve the ratio of muscle and fat mass. Give them at least 2 days a week within your workouts plan.

  • Focus on the basic exercises: do lunges, squats, deadlifts and pull-ups.
  • Such a static exercise as a plank should also be included in the program, since it involves the main muscle groups.

Comprehensive functional training on simulators or CrossFit will help you effectively burn calories and maintain muscles. If you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, work out at home. Choose exercises that load large muscle groups and help burn calories.


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Tune in to a long struggle with fat in the abdominal area. Your body follows its internal regime and cannot get rid of what has been accumulating under the skin for a long time in a couple of days.

Most people give up too early because they expect quick results. Nevertheless, constant physical activity and proper nutrition should become your way of life in order not only to achieve, but also to maintain the results that have been obtained. The only other more effective way of getting rid of the fat from this problematic area is with the use of fat burners or training aid substances, but you must select the correct substance to match your desired outcomes.

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