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Anabolic steroids and their side effects

Throughout history, mankind has always tried to increase productivity by increasing physical strength, fighting tiredness and increasing concentration. Currently building enhancers (aka anabolic steroids) are the most common drugs for increasing productivity that are freely sold.

Almost all kinds of sports including running, swimming, weight lifting, body-building – sportsmen take these drugs during preparation, although they have been added to the latest PED list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Russian Anti-Doping Agency. In addition to their useful effects, the side effects caused by an over dose should be also considered.

What are anabolic steroids?

Steroid principle

Synthetic steroids can compensate for a lack of hormones including cortisone and aldosterone and can be used for treating many inflammations. Testosterone is the natural human androgenic anabolic hormone. It is used as the basis for almost every anabolic steroid. It is generated in testicles after puberty.
Testosterone is responsible for development of secondary male sexual characteristics such as body hair, voice depth, libido, aggression, and sexual drive.

It strengthens protein synthesis, muscle mass, strength and inhibits the generation of natural testosterone through hypothalamus and hypothesis. Testosterone was produced in 1935 for the first time.

When purchasing these synthetic compounds, first you must choose a good reputable supplier that sells original pharmaceutical grade substances. This is due to many fake and harmful counterfeit products being sold on the market. In our online pharmaceutical store, you can find genuine and original versions of testosterone including; Testosterone Cypionate, Testosterone Propionate, Testosterone Enanthate and Sustanon along with many more compounds. Our genuine substances can be verified via the main medical suppliers to check their manufactured date and also their originality.

Role in treatment

Male sexual hormones used for treating diseases and used for improving the physical state due to anabolic effects. Nevertheless, currently this application is obsolete as these drugs although can improve the shape and increase the muscle mass, they cause severe and irreversible harm that can’t be compared with the gained results. So currently it is prohibited to use anabolic steroids for treating these diseases alone.

Side effects of an over dose

Steroid side effects

Higher doses or longer period of taking the drug physiological effects of corticosteroids becomes excessive and leads to side effects.

Some sportsmen take the therapeutic dose of the steroid for gaining the required result several times, even 300mg during several weeks. In addition to such consumption, it reduces the generation of natural testosterone as the hormone level is higher.

The side effect can be toxic and hormonal. The drug is hepatotoxic for vulnerable people who take it for a long time. So when you take this anabolic steroid, the liver function should be controlled all the time! Depending on the used dose, the hormonal side effect is reduction of virilization (for men) and hypothesis function.
When considering the advantages and side effects, it should be mentioned that although positive effects of anabolic steroids are temporary, most side effects are irreversible. You may also check out other products like Alphabol, Rexobol, and Mastebolin.

Male and hormonal effect

For women – increased hairiness, clit growth, periods disorder, masculinity and male tone.

For men – amount and mobility of sperm cells are reduced due to testicle disorder. Prostate gland swelling and decreased libido. Also increased hairiness, penis increase, changes of voice depth and aggression level occur due to expressed secondary sexual characteristics.

Long intake of anabolic steroids will lead to breast increase, fat deposition and muscle softening.

Liver failure

Jaundice occurs due to the increased amount of liver cells and bile duct obstruction when the dosages are abused.

Cardiovascular effects

Due to disorder of the electrolyte balance the tissues swell, the blood volume increase, the heart starts working more intensely and the arterial blood pressure is increased. Loss of fat exchange increase the levels of fatty acids and triacylglycerol. This leads to early atherosclerosis and risk of cardiac and apoplectic attack. In case of regular and long intake it is recommended to control the cholesterol level in blood.

Anabolic steroids also increase the level of corticosteroids and this lowers the body defenses.

Other effects

Changed skin quality, pimples, swollen sweat glands. Hairless sections on the head appear or even baldness. Children may suffer from irreversible changes of long bone growth and body growth inhibition.

Currently ignorance is the main reason of anabolic use of androgenic steroids. These drugs cause side effects that are not just possible, but are rather predictable and real. If they knew this, they would hardly use anabolic drugs for a temporary and dubious success.

The bottom line of this basic article is that if you abuse steroids (like any other drug), you will run into unwanted negative effects, but if all of the dosages and duration for use are followed, no side effects should occur.

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