How To Make Oxanabol Cycle Correctly?

how to make oxanabol cycle correctly

What is Oxanabol cycle and for what they are necessary for an organism, each athlete who at least once thought of acquisition of specialized food knows. Steroid allows you to grow faster, train more often, recover more actively. In this case, none of the additives is not a drug or a prohibited drug, therefore they are in the public domain and can be taken by professional athletes undergoing frequent doping control. For the latter, it is worth noting that an overdose of Oxanabol cycle can affect the tests, you do not need to take more than 50 mg even if you are a 150-pound powerlifter.

How To Use Oxandrolone Oxanabol Cycle?

Tablets are one of the most convenient forms of intake – their can be taken everywhere and not be afraid that they will spread, crumble and stain the bag. The amount of supplement depends on the goal you set for yourself.

Ordinary people practicing light fitness or those who simply adhere to a healthy lifestyle can use Oxandrolone only twice a day for 10 mg. Those who recover from operations or simply have a low level of globulin in the body, without harm to themselves are able to assimilate 10 mg in the morning and evening. And you need to drink pills in the morning after meals and before dinner.

oxanabol cycle

If the goal is to build muscle, the dosage should be increased. A number of techniques may increase up to 4-5. Most often, the additive is used before breakfast, between the second breakfast and lunch, then before training, and after it, between afternoon tea and dinner, the last reception – before bedtime.

Two doses are enough for weight loss: the first you need to drink between breakfast and lunch, the second between lunch and dinner. Each time the tablet should be washed down with plenty of water, juice or milk. One glass of 300 ml will be enough.

A more accurate dosage and recommendations for the reception is on the packaging of each type of Oxanabol cycle. This article applies not only to tablets as a form of release, but also to powder and capsules.

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